The Neuroinformatics Platform serves as the Human Brain Project’s search engine for distributed data, curated data repositories, brain atlases and knowledge about the brain. The Platform consists of APIs for querying and a web-based platform and application programming interface (APIs), i.e. a set of standards, protocols and tools for building software applications.

Users can search and collate high quality neuroscience data generated within and outside the HBP. Data can be examined by species, contributing laboratory, methodology, brain region, and data type, thereby allowing functionality not currently available elsewhere. The data are predominantly organized into atlases (HBP Strategic Rodent Brain Atlases and HBP Human Brain Atlases) and linked to the KnowledgeSpace – a collaborative community-based encyclopaedia linking brain research concepts to the latest data, models and literature.

A comprehensive documentation of the Platform is available online, including general information about the Platform, User Manuals for all our applications and APIs, a Data Integration Manual describing in details our data integration processes, and a Technical manual with all the information about the Platform architecture and the data formats we are using.

Dataspace The Dataspace is the name given to all the federated data sources, including archival data repositories, active data repositories and third-party curated data repositories.
KnowledgeGraph The KnowledgeGraph lies at the heart of the Neuroinformatics Platform. It is a database in which the key metadata for all data artefacts (biological or from simulations) can be registered. It is built around a data model called HBP-CORE, derived from W3C PROV-O.
Brain Atlases Brain atlases consist of a template brain dataset which provides the spatial coordinates, brain parcellations which define brain region/structure volume boundaries, and an ontology which provides a structured naming system for the brain parcellations. Datasets can be integrated with these atlases both semantically (with a brain region name), spatially (by assigning specific x,y,z coordinates), and aligned to the specific brain template by specifying a transformation to map the dataset to the brain atlas coordinate system.
KnowledgeSpace The KnowledgeSpace is a community-based encyclopedia that links brain research concepts with data, models and literature from around the world. It is an open project and welcomes participation and contributions from members of the global research community.
APIs The key functionalities of the Neuroinformatics platforms are exposed via standard web services and REST-based APIs.

We suggest you to contact us directly using in order to facilitate your data integration to our community.

This Platform financed through the Human Brain Project, a European FET Flagship [ICT-2013.9.9], Grant agreement no: 604102.

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